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Spy Camera

2.64 usd

★★★★★ Spy Camera-Black Screen mode. ✔ Spy Camera allows you to takes pictures only with black screen and it’s completely silent.
✔ #1 top paid app in Japan Appstore!
✔ Features
Completely no shutter sound and blackout screen available. Start shooting as soon as the app starts and photos are automatically. saved to the camera roll by pressing home button.
✔ How to use
1. Click the icon- Start shooting 2. Click Home button- Auto save
✔ Main features
Spy focus Support Front/ Rear camera Control number of pictures to capture (5/10/20/unlimited) Select between Low capacitance / High quality
✔ Effective use of Spy Camera
Taking pictures in a concert hall, or play theater without disturbing others. Take a quick snap picture of some fun moments. Take spy shots of a crime scene.
✔ Safety
Saves automatically when there is not enough space or battery. Saves automatically when there is an incoming call.

✔ Spy series
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